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Are We Done Yet?

40-hour workweek

Overtime pay

Holiday pay

Employer-based health insurance

Fair wages

Sexual harassment laws

Public education for children

No more child labor

No more sweat shops

Collective bargaining

Workers’ safety

Workers’ compensation

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Americans with Disabilities Act

and many, many more.

(For my Pop, who was walking the picket line at the NY Herald Tribune when I was born.)

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Swamp Thing, You Make My Heart Sting

My dear Mr. Trump:

Your administration leaks like a sieve.

But it leaks because the people who are leaking are true patriots — they value our Democratic Republic, as imperfect as it is, and recognize that Russia is not our friend. Russia may be *your* friend, but it is no friend to the United States.
People are leaking because your swamp — the one you vowed to drain — is now stocked with crooks and traitors.
Traitor is a strong word, a visceral word, but in this case, because Mr. Flynn, as a private citizen, allegedly tried to broker a deal with Russia before your Inauguration, the word fits. The only question that remains is if he did it at your behest.
Be under no illusion — you may be President, but you have no history with these people. They don’t owe you any allegiance, and will throw you under the bus in a New York minute.
You may have won votes with your talk of patriotism and making America great again. You may have convinced the Bible Belt and the Corn Belt that you know what patriotism is about, but you can’t fool me. Your behavior in the wake of all of this Russian garbage shows me you don’t understand patriotism, and, in all likelihood, don’t feel it.

Like it or not, you’re in over your head, my dear Mr. Trump.